The Work of Josh Dickens

Growing up all I had, for the longest time, was an 386 computer, with a printer. I was introduced to QuarkXpress and Photoshop at a very early age. That computer took forever to spool up large Quark files.

As the fascination with pre-flighting and creating print work over the years faded. I wandered into the web, doing design and coding. I still do some print work, to this day, but not as much. The web took me on a journey of growth through design, programming and project management. I became a Flash rockstar for a while, which was a lot of fun. Since Flash faded away I’ve evolved into motion, 3D and moving the programming into web and game development.

I’ve spent several years in many different agencies in the Atlanta area. As agencies have titles for organization, I wore many different ones ranging from senior designer, senior developer to senior design technologist. Titles, as unfortunate as they are – are needed for a lot of agency organization and I understand that completely.

I’ve been freelancing for almost ten years now and still working with many different agencies on a variety of projects. I’ve always considered myself a designer (who can code) but it doesn’t matter if it’s layout, illustration, 3D, motion, programming, game dev or mobile – as a designer it’s all about solving problems and establishing great narrative through solid design.


Silver ADDY@ Award
Arby’s March Madness / Roast Burger
Role: Production/Developer/Flash AS3 Programmer/Technical Project Lead

Speaking Engagements

2016 Indie Film Loop – Motion Graphics Panel

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A Few Brands I’ve had the honor of working for &¬†with

Over the years I’ve worked with so many agencies and so many brands it’s hard to recall them all or list them all here. So here are a few that cover the last few years.