Manheim 3D/Motion NADA Video

The awesome people at Sweeney and Sons Production brought me in, as part of the team, to help build out a large video for Manheim for the NADA Tradeshow.

They set me in charge of designing a few style frames and building out a lot of 3D assets and animation.

I’ve broken out the sections below along with some raw renders that were used for previewing animation and some crazy physics problems that I encountered during some rigging episodes.

A couple of initial style frames

The client wanted a bit of a tech look, so I pulled out my old friend Illustrator and build out some tech elements, arcs and type treatments to go over an earlier plate.

My animations

The client wanted the 3D portions to have this matte white look, a pretty simple look, without a lot of complexity. The didn’t want reality and gave us a few references to pull from.

Rigging vehicles

Here are some rigging tests done for a car and a 18-wheeler. In the end I wasn’t able to use my rigs due to some weird circumstances, but they were super fun to create and worked quite well.

Bloopers and Pieces that didn’t make the cut

Below are some of the crazy physics that provided some laughter and a few other assets that didn’t fit the bill.