Smile, By Happy

Only Creative is the brand for showcasing the work of Josh Dickens. I’ve been using this name for several years. Below I’ll go over a few design decisions and iterations. I was extremely happy once I stumbled upon the negative rotated ‘C’ to form the smiley face – it sums me up nicely. I’ve been using this name for almost eight years now.

My favorite colors are red and black, so this worked out quite well. Previous sites and logo iterations used a lot of orange, but some reason the orange wasn’t working for me anymore. Only Creative started out as more of a coding/development based shop, but I’ve evolved more since then spreading out into design, motion and 3D, as well.

In The Beginning

Many years ago I was in search for this name that would encompass all the work I wanted to do and the persona I want to put out there to perspective clients. Early 2000 there were all these great company names so, I put intense pressure on myself to come up with one of those awesome names. In the end, none of them fit me for this particular thing.

By chance, on the phone with my mother while talking with my wife we stumbled upon this name, Only Creative. Throughout our conversations it just stuck. Alas, it’s where it is today with, possibly, more evolution in it’s future.

After freelancing many years I’ve discovered a cool name will do nothing for you if your process, ideas and execution are terrible. Clients care way more about deadlines, communication and trustworthiness then if you have a trendy name.

“Consistency creates momentum, that momentum creates process and that process will help keep consistency.” -Josh Dickens, Founder

Logo + Mark Discovery

Below you’ll see the extensive journey of the design of the logo mark and type. It took me some time to find something I was happy with. It’s always hard to work for yourself and be satisfied with something.

Honestly, I wasn’t going to show this because it’s embarrassing to show the terrible ideas. These iterations date back several years. The smiley face logo I’ve had for a couple of years now. I’ve seen it in a few other places but I was the original.

Actually, originality is not something I believe in, I don’t think there is anything original under the sun. Influence plays such a heavy role in creativity that our originality, if you will, comes from our own individuality.

Philosophy aside, after finding a type face I spent quite a bit of time working on the negative space design and type kerning  to get that nice weight balance. I try not to think about it too much, as I always want to tweak it.